Soka Peace Festival

May 4, 2024

Soka Peace Festival is an event that celebrates the founding of Soka Gakkai International, a Buddhist association that promotes peace, culture, and education. The public is free to join and participate in this entertaining event where everyone can enjoy the eclectic programming of musical performances from different artists such as headliner Ozomatli, G Yamazawa, Michael Wolff Jazz Quartet, student performances, and many more. Food and drink will surely be there, where you can experience a diverse lineup of food trucks with unique dishes from various cultural cuisines. Enjoy drinking from the beer and wine garden with a wide selection of brews and vintages.

The activities of the Soka Peace Festival aim to inspire individuals to take action towards building a culture of peace, so make sure to attend the event’s exhibitions and seminars that discuss the topics of peacebuilding, human rights, environmental sustainability, and social justice.  To stay informed about all the latest festival updates, activities, and logistical information, visit their official website.

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