Silverado Days

October 20, 2023 - October 22, 2023

Community joy abounds during Silverado Days, celebrated yearly in sunny Buena Park. Octobers see the repeated occurrence of this venerable ritual, relishingly anticipated by many every year. Home to vast amusements suitable for people of all ages, prioritized, on weekends are the ideal place to visit.

Among the notable aspects of Silverado Days is its inviting rural fair ambiance. Offering amusement park fun plus satisfactory snacks, the celebration hosts carnival rides, entertaining games, and appetizing eateries selling traditional festivities fare. Amusement park visitors will immerse themselves in captivating experiences, lighthearted contests, and mouthwatering treats, all deserving of mention – none more iconic than the crispy-fried satisfaction of funnel cakes or the irresistible sweetness of cotton candy.

Community engagement drives Silverado Days, setting it apart from other events. Community organizations, educational institutions, and local collectives eagerly contribute to the celebrations by organizing donation drives, games, and information booths. Complementing the revelry with entertainments like the Globe Armwrestling Crown and Porkton Squeal-Off, the celebrations take on additional layers of enchantment. In addition, these elements help create a festive climate by boosting excitement levels, with live entertainment, music shows, and parades all playing crucial roles. In observance of Silverado Days, there commences a profound sensation of group amongst occupants alongside gathering with dear buddies and kinfolk.

To stay informed about all the latest festival updates, activities, and logistical information, visit the official Silverado Days website.


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