Annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

December 13, 2023 - December 17, 2023

For more than a century, the Christmas Boat Parade in Newport Beach, California, has been a time-honored holiday custom, radiant with colorful lights, joy, and cheer. Since 1908, this parade has endured as a cherished holiday tradition among the most beloved in the United States. An enchanting December event spans several nights, leaving spectators in awe.

The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade ignites the harbor’s festive atmosphere with an array of illuminated boats and yachts bearing ornaments and decorations. Intense efforts are made by boat owners from the nearby town and further afield to create appealing spectacles that evoke the holiday spirit. Glistening and ornate boats float idyllically in the harbor’s calming waters, delighting the eyewitnesses situated on the shores and aboard numerous observation points, who experience a hypnotic sight that overflows with Christmas magic.

As it brings people together and creates a shared joy, the parade’s charm lies in its fundamental ability to foster community. At the waterfront, multitudes join together to witness the spectacle of vibrantly decorated boats, crafting precious recollections and kindling nostalgia. Both locals and visitors alike can revel in the enchanting spectacle of the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. To stay informed about all the latest festival updates, activities, and logistical information, visit their official website.

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