San Joaquin Hills

Neighborhood Guide

San Joaquin Hills, a thriving neighborhood nestled in Newport Beach, California, offers an inviting blend of residential comfort and urban convenience. With a population of 4,122, it stands as one of California’s favored places to reside. The neighborhood exudes a dense suburban atmosphere, providing a cozy haven for its residents who predominantly own their homes.

San Joaquin Hills embraces a lively spirit with an array of dining spots, coffee shops, and parks, fostering a community that resonates with families and young professionals alike. The area garners praise for its highly-rated public schools, further contributing to its allure as a sought-after location. 

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Additional Information

San Joaquin Hills Rankings, as assessed by Niche:

  • Ranked 1 out of 10 for the Best Neighborhoods to Live in Newport Beach.
  • Holds the 1st position out of 10 for the Best Neighborhoods to Raise a Family in Newport Beach.
  • Attains the 5th spot out of 10 for the Most Diverse Neighborhoods in Newport Beach.

Here are further insights to be aware of about San Joaquin Hills:

  • The locality hosts an array of businesses and enterprises, including the headquarters of First Republic Bank.
  • San Joaquin Hills also accommodates several medical facilities, notably Hoag Hospital Newport Beach.
  • Its proximity to popular destinations such as Crystal Cove State Park and Fashion Island adds to its appeal

Additionally, if you’re contemplating a move to San Joaquin Hills, here are additional considerations:

  • The cost of living in this neighborhood is on the higher side, necessitating financial readiness for housing and other expenditures.
  • Traffic congestion can be experienced during rush hours, so anticipate potential delays.
  • Given the limited availability of rental properties in San Joaquin Hills, swift action is recommended if you come across a desirable residence.

All in all, San Joaquin Hills offers an ideal environment for living, working, and raising a family. It stands as a secure and prosperous neighborhood, brimming with amenities that cater to residents’ needs.



While residing in San Joaquin Hills, residents feel secure due to its commendable safety record, characterized by relatively low crime rates. The neighborhood’s proactive approach to security includes visible neighborhood watch programs and a responsive local law enforcement presence. This commitment extends to ensuring safety even in recreational activities such as water sports, where adherence to ocean safety guidelines ensures peace of mind for residents and visitors alike.


Emergency Contact Services

In case of emergencies, residents and visitors can rely on the following contact information:


Emergency police assistance:

  • 911


Non-emergency police assistance:

Newport Beach Police Department Non-Emergency Line

  • (949) 644-3717


Lifeguard Services:

Newport Beach Lifeguard Headquarters

  • (949) 644-3047


Poison Control Center:

Poison Control Center

  • 1-800-222-1222



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