Balboa Peninsula

Balboa Peninsula

Balboa Peninsula is a neighborhood located in Newport Beach, California, famous for its captivating beaches, beachfront restaurants, local surf shops, and more. You can also enjoy the ocean breeze by visiting beachfront homes, local shops, and restaurants.

The neighborhood has an assortment of delectable eateries and convenient food establishments catering to those exploring the area while seeking a quick meal. These establishments, which have an enjoyable and unusual ambiance, contribute to the sense of the Balboa Peninsula as a welcoming and familiar haven. 

Many local shops offer an extensive selection for those seeking good-looking attires, accessories, or fishing equipment. Balboa Peninsula also offers endless entertainment, such as bars, live concerts or bands, and more getaway hangouts, making it popular with guests seeking nightlife experiences.

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Additional Information

Balboa Pier is an iconic landmark of the Balboa Peninsula. It offers stunning ocean scenery where you can stroll, fish, sunbathe, build sand castles, and watch skillful surfers. Walking or biking along the Newport Beach Boardwalk is also fun, where a scenic path stretches along the coastline.

Among the favored local dining options are Crab Cooker, Ruby’s Diner, and Woody’s Wharf, known for serving delectable seafood and American cuisine. West Marine has a forte for fishing gear and apparel, while stores like Castaway’s Casual, Bohemia, and Heavenly Couture provide comfortable and refined clothing options.



The community frequently maintains neighborhood watch programs, and local law enforcement strives to keep the area safe. Residents and companies are usually proactive in keeping their surroundings secure. When participating in water activities, be mindful of ocean safety requirements, such as following lifeguard directions and alerting to rip currents and tide conditions.


Emergency Contact Services

In case of emergencies, residents and visitors can rely on the following contact information:


All Emergencies 

  • 911


Newport Beach Police Department

  • 949-644-3717


Newport Beach Fire Department

  • 949-644-3104


Newport Beach Animal Control

  • 949-644-3717


Newport Beach Code Enforcement

  • 949-644-3215


Newport Beach General Services

  • 949-644-3055


Newport Beach Graffiti Hotline

  • 949-644-3333


Newport Beach Park Patrol

  • 949-795-9834


Newport Beach Parking Control

  • 949-644-3717