Marché Moderne

7862 Pacific Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA 92657
(714) 434-7900


Marché Moderne adeptly combines the elegance of French cuisine with a modern mindset. The cooking staff is led by visionary chefs who create dishes that pay tribute to France’s culinary heritage while embracing innovative techniques and ingredients from across the globe. Each plate tells a story of flavor and creativity, from intricate starters to extravagant main courses. At Marché Moderne, friendliness is an art form. The caring staff ensures that every visitor’s experience is nothing less than extraordinary. From personalized suggestions to meticulous focus on specifics, their commitment enhances your dining experience to new levels.

The restaurant’s inside mirrors the core of elegance. The atmosphere smoothly combines contemporary design elements with traditional touches, creating a welcoming environment that is perfect for cozy suppers or joyous get-togethers. Marché Contemporary usually functions during lunch and dinner, but verifying the most recent information on their official website or by directly contacting the restaurant is advisable.