Basilic Restaurant

217 Marine Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92662
(949) 673-0570


At Basilic Restaurant, eating surpasses mere nourishment; it becomes a sincere encounter. The menu is a mirror of Italy’s abundant gastronomic legacy, where formulas are handed down through generations and components are esteemed. From the hearty tastes of Tuscany to the subtle hints of seaside meals, each dish is a work of art formed by talented hands.

The restaurant’s atmosphere captures the vintage grace that characterizes Italy’s visuals. Cozy illumination, vintage timber details, and a welcoming environment establish a personal and inviting scene. Whether it’s a passionate night or a gathering with cherished individuals, Basilic offers the ideal scenery. Basilic Restaurant invites admirers and fans alike to embark on a journey through Italy’s varied culinary scenery. Whether you’re searching for a genuine flavor of Italian cooking or a gourmet escapade that ignites your enthusiasm for splendid tastes, Basilic Eatery provides an encounter that surpasses eras and frontiers.