Baci di Firenze Trattoria

416 N Lakeview Ave, Anaheim, CA 92807, USA


Baci di Firenze Trattoria, under the ownership of Vittorio Severino since 2008, is a realization of his vision to curate an exquisite Italian dining experience. Their unwavering commitment to authenticity, freshness, and consistent excellence creates a welcoming ambiance, inviting patrons to embark on an unforgettable culinary journey. Vittorio’s dedication resonates through every dish, inspired by regions spanning from Northern to Central and Southern Italy, each one offering a tapestry of Italy’s rich flavors.

Moreover, Baci embraces the charm of private dining options on their patio, thoughtfully equipped with heat lamps and the option of enclosure for year-round al fresco indulgence. The restaurant’s schedule allows for private dining Monday through Saturday, while Sundays gracefully accommodate special gatherings for up to 52 guests in the main dining area. An additional opportunity lies in patio dining for up to 24 guests, adding a touch of versatility to their event offerings.

Renowned for its genuine Italian fare crafted from premium, fresh ingredients, Baci di Firenze Trattoria boasts a menu featuring standout dishes that have earned their place as bestsellers. From the Tuscan Kale Salad, artfully combining kale, roasted tomatoes, pine nuts, and Parmesan cheese, to the heartwarming Pasta alla Norma, a Sicilian creation intermingling eggplant, tomatoes, ricotta salata cheese, and basil, and finally, the timeless Veal Milanese – a Milanese classic with delicately breaded and fried veal cutlet served alongside a zesty lemon wedge and a side of arugula. Regardless of your choice, an authentic and delectable Italian feast awaits at Baci di Firenze Trattoria.