Dana Point

Dana Point

Dana Point presents a vibrant and lively art and culture panorama, encompassing galleries showcasing artistic masterpieces, venues hosting live melodies, and festivals commemorating the oceanic way of life. This urban center provides a sanctuary for individuals passionate about sailing, where nautical escapades, observing majestic whales, and leisurely walks along the promenade by the water’s edge forge an immersive maritime journey.

Things To Do


Visit Dana Point Harbor

Dana Point Harbor ensures you with its captivating nautical journey and makes a perfect starting point for an unforgettable day. The lively atmosphere of the harbor overflows with a delightful variety of stores, petite boutiques, and restaurants by the beachfront, enticing you to dive into the area’s flavors and explore the delights of the seaside.


Explore the Ocean Institute

This facility is a marine science center that provides various educational programs and engaging displays that let guests discover and learn about the marvels of the ocean. The touch tank, where visitors may interact directly with various marine life, is one of the institute’s features. 


Engage with whales

Witness the mesmerizing sight of immense whales breaching the surface, their bodies gracefully arching before plunging back into the deep blue. The backdrop of picturesque coastal cliffs and the distant sunset hues makes this extraordinary marine spectacle even more enchanting.