Aliso Viejo

Aliso Viejo

The city of Aliso Viejo encaptures you with captivating sceneries and is a home for large corporations such as Broadcom and Allergan. This city is known for its safe neighborhood and family-friendly environment.

Things To Do


Engulf yourself shopping in Aliso Viejo Town Center

The town center is an outdoor shopping center providing a variety of options Visitors are spoiled for choice with over 100 vendors and dining establishments, including Barnes & Noble, AMC Theatres, and Target. Furthermore, it gives you a wide range of leisure options, from movie theatres to bowling alleys.


Hike or bike through Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park

A vast haven that attracts both passionate hikers and dedicated biking enthusiasts. Encompassing over 1,000 acres of untouched wilderness, this park presents an enchanting haven for individuals who cherish the great outdoors. While exploring its varied assortment of pathways, which cater to individuals of various expertise levels, you will engross yourself in a mesmerizing mosaic of untouched splendor.


Venture to Soka University of America

The serene campus of the university serves as the backdrop for both scholarly endeavors and the presence of two captivating museums that enhance the cultural surroundings. The Soka Art Museum presents an eclectic array of artworks from various corners of the globe, enticing individuals to engage in thoughtful reflection and meaningful conversations. Meanwhile, the Seiwa-en Japanese Garden provides a tranquil sanctuary meticulously designed to transport visitors to the very essence of Japan’s aesthetic essence.


Explore the Fossil Reef Park

This magnificent geological collection displays the intricate intricacies of coral structures and other marine creatures preserved in rock, serving as a tangible connection to a bygone era. The park not only provides an exceptional educational opportunity but also serves as a poignant reminder of the profound changes that have molded our planet.